Protest and Support For Coffee County Animal Control

Outside Animal Control in Manchester... Photo by Barry West

Protesters and counter-demonstrators in Coffee County got emotional Saturday over what some say is being done to abandoned animals up for adoption.
It’s the second time in six months the county’s animal control has made headlines. Last June, animal rescuers were upset to learn an animal control worker shot and killed a dog belonging to the county mayor’s son and the dog was put in a dumpster behind the shelter.
Saturday morning, dozens from the community and animal rescue groups gathered again in Manchester, this time protesting what they call unfit conditions and a high kill rate at Coffee County Animal Control.
Coffee County Humane Society gathered in support of Coffee County Animal Control. They and Coffee County Animal Control Director Kevin Brown both claimed dogs in bad condition come to animal control that way and rescue groups are selective about which dogs they save.
Also at issue for the rescue groups were the hours when animal control operates. The department is now open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Protesters said this doesn’t give people who work a time to come by animal control, and it needs to be open for one day during the weekend.
Brown told reporters he wants to work with rescue groups involved with the protest in order to save as many dogs as possible. Brown added that animal control has actually reduced their kill rate from 40 euthanized in a month a few years ago to only 10 animals euthanized last month because he is working with rescue groups. -WSMV-