Property Taxes Going Up In Coffee County

property-tax-The Coffee County commission met on Tuesday night with a property tax increase on the agenda. After a 12-6 vote Coffee County land owners will see a tax hike of 26-cents on their property and with updated appraisals it actually works out to 29-cents. Rural Coffee County land owners had their tax rate set at 3.2629. For example that’s an increase of around $73 on property valued at $100,000. In Manchester the rate was raised to 2.9456, that’s a about a jump of $72 on property valued at $100,000. In Tullahoma the property tax rate was set at 2.8705 which turns out to be a $72 jump on property valued at $100,000.
Remember voters will decide on a motor vehicle tax or wheel tax in November. Voters will have a choice to say yes or no to a $50 wheel tax.
Tuesday night was the final commission meeting for the current commission. New representatives and those staying on the commission will meet again in September.