Project UNDERaWEARness

A fundraiser is to be held to aid Coffee County youths who are under the care of the Department of Children Services, and it will involve a unique, but much-needed donated item — underwear. The Coffee County Community Advisory Board, which aids the department’s efforts, is sponsoring Project UNDERaWEARness to gather undergarments for youths who have been taken into care from broken or bad family environments for their personal safety. When children are taken they usually have only the clothes they are wearing. In addition to new packaged undergarments, including socks and diapers, bras are also needed. The event will take place from Aug. 6 through Aug. 31 with drop locations at Tullahoma’s Kmart, Walmart, Big Lots, the Housing Authority resident services office, 1201 Cedar Lane, and Wesley Heights United Methodist Church, 2101 E. Lincoln St.,  and at the Manchester Walmart