Problems Heat Up Again in Grundy County

Another challenge looms for the Grundy County School System as Board Chairman Robert Foster has resigned his position.
Foster notified Mayor Michael Brady in a letter of resignation Tuesday.
In his resignation letter, Foster said he thinks certain members of the board are more interested in dividing the county than uniting for the betterment of children.
School leaders are dealing with allegations of attempted rape against football players and trying to replace the football coach.
In other Grundy School news; The school resource officer at Grundy County High School no longer has access to the security cameras.
Sheriff Clint Shrum said the SRO went into his office on Friday and saw that his surveillance monitors were gone and had been moved to the principal’s office.
The SRO now needs permission from the principal to look at the video. The sheriff says that could impact student safety and his department’s emergency response plan.
Shrum said the monitors were eventually moved back into the SRO’s office, but the video is still not able to be viewed without permission.
That same surveillance system is being used to figure out who vandalized a school board member’s car.