Post 78 American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship Fundraiser

To support the American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship Fund, the Legion Riders of Post 78 in Manchester are hosting a Soup & Sandwich Night at 130 Shelton Rd in Manchester. The event will be held this Saturday from 3-6pm.
Some of you may remember back in the summer 350-400 motorcycles roared up I-24 as part of the national fund raising efforts for 2016.
Several years ago The Legion Riders committed to raise all the funds for this scholarship program that provides funds for any continuing education needs of the children of our fallen warriors since 9/11/01 and, as recently announced, the children of a 50% or more disabled veteran. This is a Trust Fund designed to be perpetually available as only the interest is used. You can learn more about how these scholarships help the children of our warriors at
If you have questions email