Police Warning About Counterfeit Money In Coffee County

counterfeitAs we reported to you yesterday counterfeit money is making its way around the area. In recent weeks several businesses have been the victim of counterfeit money passed for purchases.
In years past, the counterfeit money passed has been $100 bills but several of the bills being passed now have been $5 and $10 dominations. There have been a few $20s and $100 bills passed but most have been smaller ones.
Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell on Monday told the Tullahoma News, “Any person that is in the business of money exchange such as stores or street vendors should practice some basic precautions.” Businesses aren’t the only ones being hit by the fake money. Recently, an individual selling vegetables from a stand had a counterfeit bill passed to make a purchase. The person did use a marking pen to check the bill but it was after the person passing it left and it was too late.
The chief noted that businesses should check to see if the bill feels like other bills. He stated that businesses should check both sides of the bill and see if they look right.
Manchester Police Chief Investigator Billy Butler stated that officers have also seen several counterfeit bills passed in Manchester.
The fake bills are usually turned over to the United States Secret Service who maintains a file of the bills. The agency also investigates the passing of the bills. They have made arrest in the past of those passing the counterfeit money.