Police Pursuit Starts In Tullahoma and Ends In Manchester

Police surround Calloway vehicle... Photo provided by Barry West

Police surround Calloway vehicle… Photo provided by Barry West

Tyler Scott Calloway of Tullahoma was arrested on Monday for his 10th driving on revoked/suspended driver license.
Calloway, 22 of Silver Street Tullahoma was arrested by deputies of the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department.
According to a report by Investigator James Sherrill, Calloway was seen driving on Highway 55 and the officer knew that he was driving on revoked license and that there was an arrest warrant for failure to pay child support. Sherrill along with Deputy Brandon Reed then saw Calloway turn onto Freeman Street and then to Silver Street in Tullahoma.
When he approached a stop sign, the deputies turned the blue lights on but he went around a car at the stop sign and started to drive on the Old Manchester Highway toward Manchester. At Sears Roebuck Road he passed a Honda Civic with two people inside it. Once he was around the Honda, Investigators Jason Dendy and Kelly Smith attempted to stop Calloway by placing a spike strip on the road but he was able to get around the strips.
He then traveled toward Highway 55 and turned toward Manchester. The deputy’s report states that Calloway was driving in and out of traffic at speeds up to 85 m.p.h. Two more attempts were made with the speed spikes. On the second attempt, Manchester Police got him stopped by puncturing the tires on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Calloway was taken into custody and transported to the Coffee County Jail where he is charged with 10th driving on revoked/suspended license, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and evading arrest. At last report, he was being held under a bond of $30,000 and is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court Sept. 1.