Police Looking For Man With Strawberries Trying To Lure Children

Local law enforcement continues on alert for a man accused of attempting to lure children into his red pickup truck Friday in Wartrace.

“We’ve been looking all over the county and haven’t found him yet,” Sheriff Randall Boyce said.

The man approached two groups of children near the intersection of Hill and Vine Streets, Boyce was told.

“A guy pulled up in an old, red pickup truck and offered them some strawberries,” Boyce said.

“There were two groups (of children). One was a kind of young group,. He tried to get them to get in the truck and they wouldn’t. He went over to the older group and they wouldn’t get in either.”

The children gave a somewhat vague description to officers.

Boyce said, “They said it was just a red pickup truck driven by an older gray-headed guy. –Shelbyville Times-Gazette-