Police Charge man with Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault and More

Justin Lee Grey… Photo provided by the CCSD.

On Sunday, Justin Lee Grey age 26 of Shelton Rd. Manchester apparently got into an argument with his girlfriend on Shelton Road over him wanting to take the victim’s car. Grey allegedly ran over the victim as she was behind the car, hitting her in the knee. According the arrest warrant, the man got out of the vehicle, grabbed the victim by her hair and slung her into the car and took off in the vehicle with her. Grey drove eastbound on I-24 allegedly threatening to kill both of them, and hitting the victim as he drove. The subject apparently saw a state trooper and turned around in the median and went back westbound on I-24 and the victim tried to jump out of the moving vehicle at one time, but he pulled her back in and was able to talk Grey into taking her back home. The arrest warrant goes onto say that by forcing the victim into the car, threatening to kill the both of them; he left a 12-year-old and 2-year-old unattended.
Authorities were notified of a disturbance call by a concerned individual. Manchester Officer Dustan Foster went to the residence, he heard objects breaking inside and someone outside advised him Grey was inside the mobile home. Once inside, Grey allegedly became even more agitated grabbed a large knife from a block in the kitchen and came at the victim with it, threatening Foster and telling him to kill him. Backup officers arrived and Grey apparently refused to comply with their directives, resisting arrest and fighting them to the point that he had to be tazed more than once before he was subdued. The man, who refused medical treatment allegedly continued resisting and fighting as he was being transported to the jail.
Grey was charged with 2 counts aggravated assault, kidnapping, child abuse or neglect (non-violent), driving on revoked/suspended license 4th offense and resisting arrest. His bond was set at $251,000.
Foster was assisted by Manchester officers Daniel Ray, Captain Nilesh Patel and Sgt. Landon Pence along with Coffee County deputies Ben Sneed, Corporal Harmon Campbell, Kevin Smith and Jennifer Curbow.