Please Move Over

After receiving information this week from a person that works for the cable industry that he was almost struck by a car, WMSR News wanted to remind drivers of the “The Move Over Law.” The law passed in 2006, is a part of the State Law: Move Over for Stopped Emergency Vehicles “Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles Law” and requires motorists to move over into the adjacent lane of traffic, when safe to do so, or to slow down for emergency vehicles if a lane is not open.
In 2011, the law was expanded to include utility service equipment (electric, water, cable, ext.) to the list of vehicles for which motorists are required to either slow down or move over.
In a change to the law that began last summer, Tennesseans will have to move over for anyone with their hazard lights on, including drivers like you and me when pulled over to help someone or in distress.