Pedigo Named Interim Director of Coffee County Schools

WMSR News reported earlier this month that the Roane County school board had selected Coffee County Director of Schools Dr. LaDonna McFall to be their next director.
On Monday afternoon the Coffee County School Board, on a 6-0 vote selected former Deputy Director Joe Pedigo as interim director. Esther Sims was absent from the meeting.
McFall will continue as director until May 9 and Pedigo will take over at that time. Pedigo will begin work on May 1 as deputy director until May 9 and then will become interim director. The length of his term will be on a month to month basis until the board selects the new permanent director.
McFall is in her seventh year as Director of Schools in Coffee County. Pedigo served over 40 years in the system before retiring with some of those as deputy director.