Pearman Guilty Of 1st Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault and Child Abuse

GuiltyJurors in Rutherford County have found Jacob Pearman guilty of murdering his wife Carla at their home in Murfreesboro on Valentine’s Day 2013.
Pearman was found guilty of first degree murder. A first degree murder conviction carries an automatic life sentence.
He was also found guilty of aggravated assault and child abuse against Carla’s then 7-year-old son.
Sentencing on those charges is set for March 16.
Pearman’s trial began last Monday, testimony concluded Saturday and the jury heard closing arguments Monday morning.
The prosecution had a videotaped confession in which Pearman admits he choked Carla to death while the two argued about the child abuse charges he faced. He was scheduled to appear in court on those charges just hours after Carla’s murder.
Pearman himself did not testify during the trial. His defense attorneys argued he was troubled, depressed and mentally ill.
Carla is the former Carla Dillard of Manchester and was a 2002 graduate of Coffee County High School. (WKRN)