Paintball Costly For Several Young People

Six young people in trouble after what they did over the weekend. The six are facing charges of aggravated assault after they allegedly shot vehicles and people with paint balls. According to a report by Manchester officer Keith Hendrix, 19 year-old Dalton Mai, 18 year-old Jay Wooten, and 20 year-old Cody Smart were at Sonic talking about shooting paintball guns. After picking up a juvenile at Sonic, they went to Wal-Mart and bought equipment and met up with others, 19 year-old Josh Thomas and another person. The 6 then went around Manchester allegedly shooting buildings, cars and people including vehicles at Al White motors. They also allegedly shot into a group of people around McDonalds with the paintballs. They then drove down Woodland Street and shot a stop sign at Highway 53. They later disposed of the paintball supplies near the Duck River Bridge, which police recovered.