Outdoor Pool Closed In Tullahoma

Tullahoma youngsters will have to find an alternate place to swim this summer.  The Joel Ferrell Outdoor Pool is closed due to heavy deterioration. Kurt Glick, Tullahoma Parks and Recreation director, says the pool’s poor substructure caused the pool to be out of commission. The pool has been operating the past 23 years with a liner designed to last 15 years. The recreation department has managed to repair the vinyl material for eight extra years, but an October 2011 hail storm left it beyond repair. The recreation director says the city received $82,810 in insurance money to replace the liner, but the concrete substructure has crumbled to where replacing the liner in the pool’s present state wouldn’t be feasible. The recreation department is working to extend the indoor pools hours of operation to accommodate swimmers. Manchester’s outdoor city pool will be open Memorial Day Weekend.