Operation “School Boy” Ends With Drug Arrests

drug-bust 4The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, with the cooperation of retired Director of Schools Rebecca Sharber, concluded a six month undercover operation (Operation “School Boy’) Tuesday July 7th, 2015 before a Franklin County Grand Jury, resulting in twelve people indicted, 2 juvenile petitions and multiple arrest warrants to follow.
According to case office Investigator Nick Watson, the operation was the culmination of an undercover operation initiated at Franklin County High School, beginning December 2014, and providing information that directed the operation into the City of Winchester and other parts of the county. Operations were conducted within FCHS resulting in the purchase of high grade marijuana, prescription pills and Schedule I hallucinogenic narcotics. Undercover operations then proceeded off campus to various locations in the county with the most concentrated efforts occurring at business parking lots in the Winchester area.
The investigative report goes on to state that several controlled buys were conducted on and off campus by undercover agents and information regarding drug activity in Franklin County was obtained as well as the type of drugs being made available at FCHS and locally within the city and county. The Hydroponic marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs i.e. mushroom laced tootsie rolls are examples of substances drug traffickers are attempting to make available to young adults and in some cases young teens.
The outlining charges include more than 30 individual charges with 12 adults and 2 juveniles involved along with other arrest warrants to be served in the immediate future along with four vehicle seizures. There is an ongoing investigation concerning the operation and further information will be released as appropriate.