Open House At Manchester Wastewater Treatment Plant

Renovated Manchester wastewater treatment up and running

The City of Manchester’s rehabilitated and expanded wastewater treatment plant held an open house Wednesday.
The project cost $14,303,000 and received funding from all different sources – including $5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment (stimulus) money.
The city received a state-revolving loan for $7.5 million and $5 million in forgiveness money from the state to fund the bulk of the project. The city also received $1.34 million from USDA and a $455,000 grant. Of the $12.5 million received from the state, the city will only repay $7.5 million. The $5 million forgiveness is money that does not have to be repaid.
The renovation increases the capacity of the plant from 3.4 million gallons to 4.3 million gallons to meet the growth rate of the last decade – meaning Manchester should be set until at least 2031.
The project brought the old wastewater treatment facility up to date with safer, more effective wastewater treatment.