October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

domestic violenceThe issue of domestic violence has garnered a great deal of national attention. Domestic violence is a major problem in all communities and it crosses all socioeconomic, racial, and gender boundaries. October was first recognized as Domestic Violence month in 1987. Since that time many changes have occurred in the investigation, enforcement, and attitudes related to domestic violence incidents. The days of calming an argument, sending those involved to separate locations, and giving a stern warning that continued problems would result in someone going to jail, have long since gone and been replaced with an aggressive response to domestic violence incidents. Police officers, upon identifying a primary aggressor, will effect an arrest and deliver the alleged offender to the county jail.
The county will impose a mandatory waiting period prior to providing an ability to bond out.
Additionally, the responding officers are required to provide a victim of domestic violence with the opportunity to go to a safe haven; understand their access to orders of protection; and provide contact information for domestic violence resources. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s annual crime reports, domestic violence accounts for about 50% of crimes against persons. In the last three recent years (2011 – 2013) the TBI report reflected that between 51 and 52 percent of reported offenses are domestic related. In Tullahoma, the percentage closely follows the state average.
In the same period, Tullahoma police reported incidents that were domestic related in 51.2% (2013), 54.5% (2012), and 51.7% (2011) of crimes against persons. Over the course of a year, approximately
77% of the time, 3 out of 4 days a domestic violence arrest is made by Tullahoma Police. Victims of domestic violence, or people living in an abusive environment need not tolerate it. Any person in the area having questions about domestic violence resources can contact the Haven of Hope at (931) 680-3011, 1-800-435-7739, or your local law enforcement at (931) 455-0530, in Manchester call 728-2099. Any person needing law enforcement response should call the non-emergency dispatch number at (931) 455-3411, or 911 in the event of an emergency. Again in Manchester call 728-2099 or 911.