No Wheel Tax Referendum

WHEEL TAX 2Recently the Coffee County Budget and Finance Committee voted to present a resolution to the full commission. That resolution would be to include a wheel tax referendum on the Aug. 7 election ballot. Last week the vote was in favor by a vote of 10-8, but it takes an 11-vote majority of the commission to pass a motion. Three commissioners did not attend the meeting: Janet Fann, Gail Hines and Warren Walker.
The Budget and Finance Committee had recommended a $50 per vehicle tax to generate roughly $2 million to help run the new Coffee County Jail and the new Coffee County Middle School.
Commissioners are now looking into at major cuts in various departments. Residents could also be hit with a heavy property tax increase. An increase of a possible 30-40 cents would make Manchester and Tullahoma have two of the highest property tax rates in the state.
The Coffee County Budget and Finance Committee will meet again on Thursday.
(Portions of this story from the Tullahoma News)