Next Year’s Bggest Flavors

Trend experts say people are stopping to enjoy the moment more and more – and this includes savoring the foods they eat. According to a new food trend report – the McCormick flavor forecast 2013 – people are diving headfirst into sumptuous flavor combinations and unapologetic eating experiences that offer an escape from their daily demands. Chef Mark Garcia says people are looking for the perfect bite that gives them an indulgent moment to savor. Imagine the kind of satisfaction of a flavor combination like decadent bitter chocolate, sweet basil and passion fruit. We asked the chef how can we use these ingredients, Chef? Garcia said even in winter, baby back ribs can be a flavorful and comforting escape, especially when they’re combined with rich chocolate and sweet passion fruit. Mix cocoa powder and basil in a savory spice rub. Wrap them in foil and throw them in the oven for easy, hands-off roasting. Brush the ribs with a passion fruit barbecue sauce for the perfect finishing touch. For this recipe and more, visit flavor