New way of Property Tax Distribution and New Businesses Coming to Tullahoma

City leaders in Tullahoma said in a press release that they are focused on improving services provided to the public. City Recorder, Rosemary Golden, says that property tax notice distribution will be streamlined to save tax dollars.
The City of Tullahoma contracted with a third party, County Record Services, LLC, to manage the property tax notice distribution process for less than it costs the city for postage to mail the notices. Each year they process over 10,000 property tax notices. This year, they expect to save money and manpower by working with County Record Services, LLC.
This year, property owners may receive property tax notices that in the past had been sent directly to their mortgage company. Golden says, “We are asking property owners that if they receive a property tax bill in October, and in the past this bill was paid by their escrow, please contact your financial institution to be sure that your financial institution also received a copy of the bill.” If the financial institution has not received a copy of the tax bill, please forward your copy to them.
Some of the property tax notices will go directly to the mortgage companies. The three (3) largest mortgage companies (Wells Fargo, Core Logic and Lereta) have already requested the information, and their parcels will be handled as they have been in the past years and will go directly to them and not the property owner.

Tullahoma leaders also announced this week that three new businesses will be opening across the street from Northgate Mall; Starbucks, Kay Jewelers, and Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches.