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New scam targeting Tennesseans for ‘unpaid taxes’

There is a new scam to be aware of. This warning is coming from the Tennessee Department of Revenue and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and the scam is targeting Tennesseans who may be facing unpaid taxes. 

In this scam, the scammer wants their intended victims to pay an “offer of compromise” to them which will realistically not help address any unpaid taxes.

The letter has an official look, with a large notice of delinquency letterhead. The letter goes on to say that the state taxing authority has filed one or more liens against you for either a lack fo filing information or a deficiency in payment. 

Pictured is a sample of a scam letter some Tennesseans are receiving to fraudulently collect “unpaid taxes.”

Pictured is a realistic letter you might receive if you owe unpaid taxes.