New Poll Says Gov Haslam Well Liked

Gov. Bill Haslam

More than half of Democrats like the job Bill Haslam is doing as Governor. A new poll from MTSU also shows the governor getting high marks among independents.
Haslam wins support from 54 % of Democrats. With Independents, it’s 76 %. Overall, pollster Ken Blake says voters see Haslam as a moderate Republican. He cites the governor’s stance on whether the state should set up its own health insurance exchange.
Blake says Haslam’s popularity mirrors that of his Democratic predecessor, Phil Bredesen, who drew at least 60 percent support among Republicans and independents.
One group in the poll where Haslam did poorly was African Americans. Only 47 % approve of him and a third say they aren’t sure. It’s not clear why African Americans feel that way about Haslam. MTSU only asked yes/no questions in the poll.