New Law Concerning Child Safety

HEATA new Tennessee law that went into effect recently that allows anyone who witnesses a child locked inside a hot car to break out the window and get the child to safety. Authorities say the inside of a car can heat up and become deadly for a child in as little as 20 minutes. To be allowed to break into a car, the child must be in danger and the car must be locked. Law enforcement must also be notified.
With the temperatures recently in the 90s, leaving a child in a vehicle can lead to death. As the temperature inside a vehicle can escalate by 15 degrees in just 10 minutes and with the hot temperatures and high humidity death can come very quickly. Even if you leave the windows rolled down some, the temperatures inside a vehicle can become deadly.
When temperatures outside exceed 86 degrees F, the internal temperatures of the vehicle can quickly reached 134 to 154 degrees F. Heat stroke may occur when a body temperature passes 104 degrees.