New Information for Parents of Children in Coffee County

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to tirelessly investigate a person(s) that is contacting several young children in the area. The person is sending very crude sexual and threating messages through various social media and online gaming sites. The person(s) has also sent lewd photos.
Parents please be aware that this has occurred to students at various schools in Coffee County.
Investigators are urging parents to suspend your child’s use of social media and online gaming sites until this problem is resolved. They are also asking parents to pay close attention to your child’s cellular phone especially text messages.
If you find anything that is questionable, please contact Coffee County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Kelly Smith at 931-570-4425 or email Due to overwhelming responses by the public, please give Investigator Smith or another investigator time to respond. They will get back to you as quickly as possible.