New Fire Chief For Manchester

manchester fireGeorge Chambers was voted in as the new fire chief for the city of Manchester on Tuesday night. Aldermen Cheryl Swan, Tim Pauley, Lana Matthews-Sain and Tim Kilgore voted in favor of Chambers. Alderman Russell Bryan abstained and Vice-Mayor Ryan French did not attend the meeting. Alderman Swan says that Chambers is set to take over the department on May 18.
Chambers is a career firefighter starting with the Air Force in 1975 and retired from the military in 2004. Following that he was the assistant fire chief at AEDC from 2004-2010 and then left to be a fire chief in Afghanistan from 2010-2013.
Former chief George DeShields resigned on March 16. Department captains have been conducting the day-to-day operations of Manchester Fire and Rescue since he resigned.