New Area Code Coming To Portions Of Middle Tennessee

telephoneThere’s no denying the current 615 area code is quickly running out of numbers, so the Tennessee Regulatory Authority has announced a new area code in portions of middle Tennessee.
The TRA had been gauging public opinion on how best to handle the area code problem, and it decided to go with the overlay option by popular demand.
Cell phones and online numbers have ramped up the use of phone numbers.
Skype allows each user to reserve up to 10 phone numbers, while Google has purchased thousands of 615 numbers for its Google Voice customers.
On top of that, pre-paid phones use tens of thousands 615 area code numbers.
That means the new 629 area code will cover the same region as 615, and everyone will have to dial all 10 digits no matter your area code.
The good news is people who currently have 615 phone numbers will get to keep them, and calls that are local now will still be local when the new rules go into effect.
That is expected to happen this spring.