New Agreement Between Tullahoma and Coffee County EMS

The Coffee County 911 Communications Center Board has voted to adopt a revised agreement between Tullahoma Fire Department and Coffee County Emergency Medical Service (EMS), which expands the criteria for which the Fire Department’s first responders are dispatched for medical emergencies in Tullahoma. The Tullahoma Fire Department is the first agency within Coffee County whose personnel have become certified as first responders, but officials say they hope more agencies will follow suit, particularly in the rural areas of the county. The fire department used several grants and other funding sources for First Responders medical equipment, such as defibrillators and oxygen tanks, on which they are trained to help stabilize a patient in trouble until the ambulance can reach the scene. The new agreement includes 13 comprehensive criteria for when the Fire Department should be dispatched with the ambulance service for medical emergencies in Tullahoma, such as heart attack, shootings and stabbings, difficulty breathing, and the like.