National Socialist Movement events still Planned for Oct 28

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland… Photo from WGNS.

In a press release from the National Socialist Movement, the Detroit, Michigan-based group stated that the organization’s winter “street action” event will be on October 28th in Murfreesboro as well as Shelbyville.
The release went on to say they’ll be joined by other member organizations of the Nationalist Front, including League of the South and the Traditionalist Workers Party.
Reports indicate the group does not have to have a permit from Murfreesboro to voice their freedom of speech. Constitutionally speaking, the group cannot be banned from meeting on the Murfreesboro square.
However, a group known as The League of the South, based in Alabama, did apply for a permit to hold an assembly on the square. The application was filed by Robert Baker, but not approved by the City of Murfreesboro, as of October 19th.
Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland had this to say at a recent city council meeting.
Some local law enforcement officers will be assisting with the event planned in Shelbyville.(Thanks to WGNS Radio)