National Lineman Appreciation Day Is Friday April 18

Duck River ElectricWhen the lights flicker and power goes out during high winds, lightning or an ice storm, the unsung heroes of Duck River Electric Membership Cooperative (DREMC) grab their climbing harnesses, rubber gloves and helmets to answer the call. They are linemen, trained to work in one of the most dangerous professions on earth: high voltage repair and construction.
Across the U.S. at more than 900 electric co-ops, Friday, April 18, will be a red letter day for linemen and the employees who support them. This is when National Lineman Appreciation Day will be celebrated.
They put their lives on the line daily to keep the electrons flowing on more than 6,000 miles of distribution system spread across southern Middle Tennessee. They number only 51 in all, but their responsibility is to ensure that more than 72,000 members have reliable service around the clock.
DREMC district offices will feed their linemen with a special breakfast that also recognizes all co-op employees.
President/CEO Michael Watson said, “Duck River EMC provides quality of life, not just electricity. But none of this would be possible without the dedication of our linemen. Their skills and hard work make all the difference”.