Murder Trial Moves Into Day 3

The trial of Thomas Greenwood continued Monday in the Coffee Co. Justice Center.
Greenwood, 22, has been housed in the Coffee County Jail since his arrest March 9, 2010, for the murder of Hayden Gage West of Circle Drive, Tullahoma, while he was babysitting for the child’s mother.
Jurors heard testimony from police who were first to arrive on the scene and a nurse who was on duty when the child was brought into the hospital.
Police were called to Harton Hospital due to the child having several bruises all over his body, face and the head area. The state medical examiner determined that the child’s death was the result of multiple blunt force injuries to his body and that his death was the result of homicide. Greenwood told police that he suffered a seizure causing Hayden’s head to hit the bed rail. He said that a few minutes later Hayden began to have difficulty breathing. Greenwood told officers that he then placed the child on his asthma machine to help him breath.
Testimony continues today in day 3 of the trial.