Murder Investigation Leads To Coffee County Home

Erika Megan Sharpton

Investigators involved in the investigation of the murder of Tullahoma resident Megan Sharpton conducted a search Monday morning of a residence on Hwy 55.
Investigators would not say what they were looking for, but they were in the residence a couple of hours conducting their search. Before entering the residence, officers read a search warrant to two occupants of the house. Monday’s search followed a search last Friday by cadaver dogs in the area where the young nursing student’s burning body was found off of Awalt Road in northern Franklin County on July 2nd. When asked if the two cadaver dogs found anything that might be useful in their investigation, Franklin County investigators would only say that the dogs uncovered some “very interesting” evidence in the case. The dogs spent a couple of hours going over the area where the body was found. The investigators would only say that they found interesting evidence.