Multiple scams hitting Coffee County area, sheriff says

Multiple phone scams are hitting Coffee County residents and area business, according to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department.

According to CCSD, reports have been made of local businesses receiving calls from someone claiming to be a member of the sheriff’s department and asking for information on clients in reference to an investigation.

If you receive these calls and have any questions, request their name, rank and badge number. Then lookup the number to the agency and call to speak with that individual.

Also, the sheriff’s department says citizens are getting phone calls from an individual identifying himself as a Coffee County Deputy. This subject then states to his intended victim that they have fines or fees associated with missing court, having warrants or other activities that need to be paid or an arrest warrant will be issued.

This is not legitimate. Credible calls from law enforcement will never solicit payment over the phone. These phone calls can sound legitimate and come from phone numbers with a 931 area code. If you receive these calls, hang up and contact local law enforcement.