MTSU High School Band Competition Canceled because of Rally– Spring Hill to Host New Contest

MTSU has canceled the annual high school band competition “Contest of Champions,” held each year at Floyd Stadium because of the Nationalist Front rally in Murfreesboro. In addition, the university will postpone the Expanding Your Horizons science event. President Sidney McPhee says the decision was made after consulting officials and they felt it was wise to cancel or postpone to “reduce traffic to the surrounding area Saturday and these decisions will allow police and other security personnel to be available elsewhere on campus if needed.”
Among the groups rallying in either Murfreesboro or in Shelbyville or in some cases both are part of the Nationalist Front; National Socialist Movement; Traditionalist Worker Party; League of the South; and Vanguard America. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers each organization to be a hate group, falling under neo-Nazi, neo-Confederate and white nationalist categories.
A member of League of the South is quoted in a USA Today article saying the Nationalist Front chose Middle Tennessee, in part, because it believes law enforcement will keep counter-protesters away from his group. He said that did not happen when they rallied in Charlottesville, VA in August.
He added, they don’t expect nearly as many counter-protesters to show up in Shelbyville.
Other protesters, who are against the Nationalist Front are also expected. The state and area law enforcement are on “High Alert.”
The Coffee County Band was scheduled to play during the “Contest of Champions.” The band will now play at Spring Hill High School. They are hosting a band contest for bands displaced by the cancellation of MTSU’s Contest of Champions. The competition begins at 5pm on Saturday.