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MPD answers 16,881 calls in 2018; DUI arrests double

Manchester’s Police Department has released its annual report for 2018.

A few numbers worth noting: The department answered 16,881 calls in 2018, that is down 4.2 percent from 2017. The department worked 402 traffic crashes in 2018, which was up 7.5%, DUI arrests doubled, with 88 arrests in 2018, up from 43 in 2017. Traffic citations were down 10.9 percent, with 3,314 issued in 2018.

Manchester Police Chief Mark Yother.

The investigation division cleared 915 of the 1,408 cases it took, which is 65%. That is up from the 59% of cases cleared in 2017 and 2016. The department made 1,390 arrests in 2018, which is virtually the same as 2017, when 1,394 arrests were made. Speeding citations reported are down 25% and seatbelt violation citations were down 50%. You can see the full report, including a breakdown of specific crimes by clicking here.