Motlow has Largest Enrollment in School History

For the third consecutive year, Motlow State Community College has the largest enrollment in school history and is among the fastest growing colleges in Tennessee, according to official enrollment numbers released recently for the fall 2017 semester.
Motlow enrolled 6,597 students this fall, a 12.9 percent increase over the 5,841 enrolled during the same period last fall. Final enrollment numbers are based on the preliminary census report from the Tennessee Board of Regents.
Full-Time Equivalency (FTE), which is a formula that determines how many students are attending full time, rose almost as dramatically. Motlow’s FTE is 4,481 this year, a 9.7 percent increase over the 4,084 last year.
As a comparison, in fall 2014 Motlow had an enrollment of 4,822 and an FTE of 2,995. In just three years, enrollment has increased 37 percent and FTE has shot up almost 50 percent.