Motlow College Taking Corrective Measures Over Email Issue

Motlow 3In a recent effort to inform current Motlow State Community College Tennessee Promise students of the impending Dec. community service deadline, the College sent an email to Motlow State employees only, which inadvertently included an attachment containing some personal student information.
The original email was intended to alert College employees who may know a student using the Tennessee Promise to contact that student and inform them of the impending deadline.
All Motlow State employees are subject to student privacy policies mandated by the Tennessee Board of Regents. To further protect student’s privacy, the College immediately began taking corrective action to protect Motlow students and insure their privacy was not compromised.
The actions included, but were not limited to:
1. Recalled the email within 17 minutes of first sending it.
2. Conducted an internal audit to contain the email and insure that it had not been released to non-employees.
3. Notfied all affected students.
4. Reminded college employees of their responsibility to respect student privacy.
5. Assigned Motlow’s compliance officer as the point of contact for students with concerns.
Addionally, the college is preparing a resource page on its website ( to help affected students.