Motlow College and Middle Tennessee State University Join Forces In Mechatronics

Motlow 3Motlow College and Middle Tennessee State University recently reached an agreement that will allow Motlow mechatronics students to continue their education at MTSU.
The agreement will allow Motlow mechatronics students to transfer 64 total credit hours to MTSU in order to complete a four-year plan that consists of a total of 135 credit hours. Upon graduation from MTSU, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, as well as a Level 3 certification in mechatronics.
The mechatronics program at Motlow College began in 2010 with a basic four-course, 16-hour Level 1 certification. Soon after, Motlow began offering a second level of certification while working with the engineering company Siemens. The Level 2 certificate includes an A.A.S degree from Motlow.MTSU3
Mechatronics is offered at Motlow’s McMinnville Center, at Bridgestone Americas, Inc., in LaVergne, as a dual enrollment program at Warren County High School, and as a dual enrollment program for Oakland High School students at the Bridgestone Americas lab.
With the new partnership, students will have another avenue for mechatronics education. The program at Motlow was already unique, but now that students can complete an engineering degree at MTSU, Motlow truly offers an opportunity unlike any other college in the United States.
The design process of mechatronics combines mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering along with systems integration and technical project management.
For more information about the mechatronics program at Motlow, or the agreement with MTSU, visit the college website ( or contact Fred Rascoe at 931-668-7010 ext. 2123 or by email (