Mother Allegedly Finds Her Son’s Stolen Items

Tullahoma Police CarHelen Burks of Winchester reported to Tullahoma Officer Rocky Ruehling that she found items belonging to her son at a storage unit on South Jackson Street. The items had been reported as stolen.
On May 17, Burks stated that she found some items that had been reported stolen from her son in Decherd. She noted that her son, Jeff Burks, is currently undergoing medical treatment in South Carolina.
She said that she stopped at the storage building on South Jackson when she allegedly discovered that there were several of her son’s belongings being sold at the site.
One of the individuals selling the items allegedly told Officer Rocky Ruehling that the items belonged to his father and that he was selling them. He offered to get his mother and bring her back to the storage building but never returned.
Decherd Police were told of the items being found and they obtained a search warrant.
Franklin County authorities arrested Jimmy Wesley Hargrove, 42, of Lynchburg Monday, May 19, on charges of possession of stolen property and burglary. He was booked into the Franklin County Jail and later released on a $7,500 bond.