More Warnings About So-Called Bath Salts and Plant Foods

The continued sale of so-called plant food or bath salts has officials increasing their undercover stings. Just recently, Governor Haslam signed legislation making the substance illegal, but the makers of the product keep changing the chemical contents in order to bypass the law. Convenience stores caught with the synthetic drugs will be held to the highest penalty. The consumption of bath salts is most recently suspected in an incident in Florida where a man mauled a homeless man, chewing off parts of his face. Police are still awaiting toxicology tests to confirm those suspicions. With Bonnaroo in Manchester this week, police are warning people about the dangers of the drugs.  According to Sheriff Steve Graves, there have been reports of teenagers becoming very sick. The sheriff says that he has had reports of teenagers staying up for two or three days after using the product. Police are warning people about the use of Molly’s Plant Food, Rave on Bath Salts, and synthetic marijuana. The use of the products could make you extremely sick or may cause death. Using bath salts is known to cause violent outbursts, hallucinations, paranoia, and kidney failure.