More Stolen ATM Cards

Two residents of Tullahoma have reported to police that someone has been illegally using their debit/ATM cards. Shelton Daniel of Smoke Rise Circle reported to Tullahoma Police Officer Kevin Smith that his ATM card was used at Mapco Market on East Lincoln Street. The people using the card obtained $202.50 and then charged $100.09 for two cartons of cigarettes at the store. Officer Smith learned that an attempt was used later at two other locations, but the card was declined due to Daniel notifying the card company that it had been stolen. Susan Baldwin of Growden Lane, Tullahoma, reported to Tullahoma investigator Lt. Jason Ferrell that someone had used her debit card to purchase $422 worth of jewelry in Mexico. Area police are warning residents to be alert when using credit cards and be sure to obtain a receipt after each purchase.