More Razors Stolen From Area Walmart Stores

WalMart Store --- Image by © Alan Schein Photography/CORBIS

WalMart Store — Image by © Alan Schein Photography/CORBIS

Three women recently entered the South Rutherford Boulevard Walmart in Murfreesboro and allegedly stole over $2,000 in razors. The trio took various brands and sizes before leaving without paying for a single blade. The store later received a notification from their corporate office that similar thefts have occurred at other stores.
The three women fled the Murfreesboro store in a gold minivan with an out of state tag. Reports indicate the three may have hit stores in Springfield, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee as well. However, the three women have not been caught. They remain at large and could hit other stores in search of razors.
Back in June Manchester Police said that loss prevention personnel at Walmart reported that a white female entered the store on the Hillsboro Hwy and took $798 worth of razors from the store and left without paying.
The suspect may have left in a black 4-door Ford pick-up.