More On Scams Working In The Area

scam5After a live interview on WMSR Radio with Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves this past Friday, more information on various scams is being reported to police.
A number of individuals across the county are getting calls from an individual who claims to be from the sheriff’s department and that he has a warrant for their arrest for various things. He then tells his intended victim that they can avoid being booked into jail if they send money via a Green Dot credit card. Graves stated that these calls are definitely SCAMS.
The latest victim, a Tullahoma couple, received a call from an individual claiming to be Sgt. Michael Snider of the Coffee County Sheriff Department. He even had their full name. He then informed them that they had missed jury duty, which he claims the individuals signed a certified letter for.
The scammer told his victims that the warrant will go away if they will purchase a Green Dot card and call him back. The Tullahoma couple purchased two cards valued at $395 each for a total of $790 and called the phone number provided to them by the fake deputy. They then provided him with the number on the card which enabled him to get the money. The cell phone number he called from has been disconnected.
After providing the Green Dot number, the couple went to the Coffee County Jail and asked for “Sgt. Snider” to get the arrest warrant cancelled and was told that there was no such person with the department. The thief had their money and there was no way of tracing him. The sheriff stated that numerous attempts have been made to catch the individual making the calls, but so far they have not been able to do so.
Graves says that no deputy or police officer will never attempt to collect money in this manner.
In addition to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department receiving reports of the scam, Tullahoma and Manchester Police have also had reports of the scam operating in their cities.