More Charges Filed Against Tullahoma Man

Elmer Ray Church… Photo provided by the Coffee County Sheriff’s Dept.

A Tullahoma man has been arrested again for taking money to perform construction work and not performing it.
Elmer Ray Church, 46, of East Grundy Street, Tullahoma was arrested last week for taking $44,000 to make home repairs to a residence at 105 Point Circle and didn’t perform the work.
According to a Tullahoma Police report, Church was hired to make home repairs and perform other outside work at the residence. But he did not perform any of the job. The homeowner was unable to contact Church after receiving the money.
He was arrested at a construction site in Manchester Thursday morning by Tullahoma Police Investigator Johnny Gore.
In earlier warrants between June 1 and July 10 Church was hired to do construction work at 100 Point Drive but failed to perform it. According to warrants obtained by Gore, Church was paid $84,000 in January and February to perform work on the residence but he did not do it.
In another warrant, between June 1 and July 20 Church was hired to perform construction work at a residence on South Polk Street in Tullahoma. The work was never performed there and Church was paid $5,000 for the work.
He was also arrested on another warrant, Church is accused of taking five checks that were to pay other subcontractors and cashed the checks without paying the contractors to whom they were intended. The checks totaled $44,750.
In the warrant, Gore alleges that Church forged his name on a check to Window Work in the amount of $9,010. He then allegedly deposited the check into his account at Ascend Federal credit Union.
He is also accused of forging his name on a check made to Mark Baker for $8,000 and deposited at Traders National Bank in Tullahoma and then withdrawn.
He also allegedly forged his name on a check made to Roscoe Brown for $6,000 and deposited in Traders National Bank and then withdrawn.
He is also accused of forging his name on a check written to Joel Winton for $4,250 and deposited at Traders National Bank in Tullahoma and then withdrawn.
On Tuesday (August 29, 2017) Coffee County Sheriff’s Investigator Kelly Smith took out another warrant on Church. The warrant says that on August 15, 2017 a person came to the Coffee County Jail to report the theft of 2 box trailers valued at $12,000 from a location on the Old Manchester Hwy. The trailers were allegedly rented to Church, then he apparently sold the trailers without the permission of the owner.
Church is now being held at the Coffee County Jail under a bond of $200,000.