Meth Lab Bust In Tullahoma

meth2A tip from a Tullahoma business led Coffee County investigators to a home where allegedly methamphetamines were being cooked. Coffee County Sheriff’s Investigator James Sherrill received information from a Tullahoma business that alerted him of individuals purchasing a gallon of muriatic acid, tubing and 2 lbs. of crystal drain opener which are ingredients used in the production of methamphetamines. Charges are now pending against a Tullahoma man after deputies found a meth lab after searching the home on East Decherd Street in Tullahoma on Monday.
When authorities arrived they were given permission to search the residence.
One male suspect allegedly admitted to cooking methamphetamines. The man told officers that he had “been cooking the meth to help pay the light bill.
Names were not released because the case will be presented to the June term of the Coffee County Grand Jury.