Meth Lab and Stolen Jeep Discovered At Manchester Motel

Meth lab materials found at a local motel... Photos provided

Meth lab materials found at a local motel… Photos provided

Tuesday in Manchester, Officer Daniel Ray with the Manchester Police Department responded to a call at the Greenleaf Inn about a person offering methamphetamine to a person at the motel.
Investigator Johnathan Anthony and Officer Bryan Eldridge arrived at the scene. Anthony spoke with John Lawrence Johnson, who was in the walkway at the motel. Johnson was asked if he had any weapons and he, according the police report said had a knife. Anthony then asked Johnson if he could frisk him and the report said he agreed. Anthony stated that he felt something in the man’s pocket. After asking Johnson to remove the item it was discovered that a plastic container had what was believed to be methamphetamine in a baggy inside the container.
Stolen Jeep recovered by Manchester Police.

Stolen Jeep recovered by Manchester Police.

According the police report Johnson was asked how he got to the motel and said he drove a friend’s Jeep. At the request of the city police the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department K9 dog was called to the scene. The K9 alerted that something was inside the Jeep. Officer Ray removed a black backpack from the Jeep and found items he recognized as being used to manufacture methamphetamines.
Manchester Police checked the registration on the vehicle and it was reported stolen from Sevierville, TN. The owner and Sevierville Police were then contacted.
John Lawrence Johnson, age 30 of Knoxville, TN was placed into custody and charged with the initiation or process of methamphetamine and theft of property. He was booked into the Coffee County Jail.
The Meth task force was called to the scene to remove the alleged methamphetamine items.