Meth Bust In Manchester

Tammy Horton

Manchester policeman Jonathan Anthony responded to 502 B Bailey Street on Tuesday on a tip of a meth lab. Officer Anthony found items used to manufacture methamphetamines. Officer Anthony notified Investigator Stuart Colwell, and they found 5 separate one-pot bottles “cooks”. Anthony arrested Tammy Horton and Michael Denny who were at the residence. Horton has a history of convictions for manufacturing methamphetamine. Horton and Denny were charged with initiation of process to manufacture methamphetamine, reckless endangerment, and felony drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $66,000 for Horton and $61,000 for Denny. Horton was also charged with introduction of contraband into a penal institution after officers found syringes hidden on her. Others involved in the bust were Captain Victor Jones, officer Tyler Hickerson, Coffee County Sheriff’s Investigator Billy Marcom and the Drug Task Force. Their court date is set for Jan, 22, 2013.

Michael Denny