Memphis Man Arrested after Attempting to Get Contraband Into the Coffee County Jail

Karl E Parson intake photo provided by the Coffee County Sheriff's Department.

Karl E Parson intake photo provided by the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department.

On Wednesday evening Coffee County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD) Investigator James Sherrill was at the sheriff’s department when he says he observed a black male pulling on the fence that surrounds the jail complex and began transferring a package with unknown contents to a string line. The string and package were seen being pulled back to the facility by an unknown subject(s). After this occurred Sherrill reported the black male ran to the waiting vehicle.
After receiving a call from Sherrill, Coffee County Deputy Stephen Sharketti observed the Silver Chrysler 4 door and stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Volunteer Parkway and Parktower RD. Investigator Sherrill arrived and clearly identified the subject, Karl Edward Parson Jr. as being the trespasser.
The subject was read and explained Miranda rights and voluntarily provided a verbal statement. According to the deputy’s report, Parson acknowledged he had been on CCSD property and had passed a package containing tobacco through the fence area that was attached to a string line. The man stated the string was tied to a bar of soap and he in turn attached the package to it. Parson was placed into custody and searched and was asked if he was in possession of any weapons or drugs. He said he did not have anything on him. Parson was then transported to the Coffee County Jail. The report goes on to say that before entering the facility he was again asked if he was in possession of any weapons or drugs. He again stated “no”. He was searched again at the jail and a corrections officer was able to find deep in Parson’s front pant pocket, two small brown cigarette ends (roaches) with a green leafy substance inside. After discovering the roaches, Sharketti says he again asked the subject if he had any other drugs and he again stated “no”. As the search continued Parson removed his socks, it was then that a small plastic baggie with a white powdery substance was found. The deputy’s report says the substance weighed at .9 grams and field tested positive as cocaine based.
Karl E Parson, age 28 of Memphis was charged with aggravated criminal trespass and contraband in a penal institution. His bond was set at $35,000 and has a court date of December 14.