May is “National Drug Court Month”

coffee county drug courtSince 2003 Recovery Drug Courts in Tennessee have offered intensive judicial supervision, substance treatment services, sanctions, and incentives to address the needs of drug-addicted non-violent offenders. The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has been providing funding for the courts since 2012.
May is “National Drug Court Month” and Tennessee is joining with courts across the country that are demonstrating how a combination of accountability and compassion is the foundation for handling individuals addicted to drugs in the criminal justice system.
Douglas Varney, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services says, “By treating those who are struggling with substance abuse, we can save taxpayer money, promote public safety and reduce drug abuse in communities.”

Just a few of the benefits of Recovery Drug Court:

  • Reducing correctional costs
  • Protecting community safety
  • Improving public welfare
  • Across the U.S. more than 3,000 Recovery Drug Courts including Coffee County offer communities a judicially-supervised court docket. In Drug Courts, seriously drug-addicted individuals remain in treatment for long periods of time while under close supervision.

Research continues to show that Recovery Drug Courts work better than jail or prison, better than probation, and better than treatment alone.