Matheny wants Tennessee Pro Sports Teams to Stand Up or No More State Help

Rep. Judd Matheny

State Rep. Judd Matheny of Tullahoma says he is proposing that there be no more help for the state’s pro sports teams unless they change.
Matheny, who is also running for Congress, posted on Facebook on Sunday that the bill he’ll present will be to prevent future deals with state help like the Tennessee Titans received more than 20 years ago.
Matheny told WKRN-TV “Until all (Tennessee) sports teams stand up and respect the national anthem, we are going to pass this bill.”
Matheny says things like bonds, tax breaks, or land go away if teams want new stadiums or arenas. They will have to build it and buy the land with their own money and pay taxes like everyone else.
When the Titans came to Nashville in the late 1990s, part of the nearly $300 million stadium deal was $55 million in state bonds.
Tennessee Titan players chose to stay in the locker room while the National Anthem played before their home game in Nashville on Sunday. The Titans received many boos from their fans for this action. Most NFL players say they are united to bring awareness to the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country.