Manchester Woman Beaten In Her Own Home

A Manchester woman is in critical condition in Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga after being severely beaten Friday night by three males.
According to Investigator Butch Stewart, around 9:30 p.m. Friday night Amanda Townsend, 32, of Summer St. Manchester was in her residence when three black males kicked the door open and entered the house. “They began to beat her and asking her where’s the money,” the investigator stated.
“They beat her for some time until she eventually passed out,” Stewart stated.
Townsend later gained consciousness and found herself stuffed in a closet in the kitchen of the residence. A cord had been tied around her neck, her feet and hands behind her back. She was able to free herself and got out of the closet.
“She then ran out and ran to a neighbor’s residence and asked them to call 911.
When Manchester Police Cpl. Stuart Colwell arrived, he found Townsend with the cord still around her neck and she was very bloody.
The officer requested an ambulance to the residence, and she was transported to United Regional Medical Center where she was stabilized and then flown to the Chattanooga hospital.
According to Stewart, the house had been ransacked.
The investigator stated that from the blood found in the kitchen area of the house, she was apparently beaten there.
Stewart was able to determine that the men had taken at least three flat screen televisions from the residence.
Police are continuing to search in an effort to determine if any other items were taken.
Stewart joined Investigators Bill Sipe and Mark Yother, along with sheriff’s investigators Chad Partin and Jason Dendy in the investigation of the incident.
Members of the police department searched the area for any possible clues in the incident.
Stewart asked that if anyone saw anything suspicious in the Summer Street area, or may have heard of who might have committed the crime, to please contact the Manchester Police Department at 728-2099.